A downloadable game for Windows and Android

== Top Down Open World Crime Simulator ==

Deal - Steal - Drive - Kill

PC Controls:

--On Foot:--

WASD = Movement

Mouse Right Button = Aim

Mouse Left Button - Fire

E = Enter Car

--In Car:--

WASD = Movement

E = Exit Car

Future Updates Coming Soon*:

// Downtown Joyride Online //

Full Multiplayer Support - Gang system, Buy, Sell, Trade. Online racing. Online Job system.

Full optimisation, general code/AI/vehicle improvements, and increased map size.
Full Race Mode (Sprint, Circuit, Drag, Cannonball) - In Progress
Dealer (Buy and sell products in a dynamic priced city) - In Progress
Extra Vehicles/Weapons - In Progress
Gangland (Turf war) - Not Started
Full Mission Campaign - Not Started
Boats and Bikes - Not Started

**Please Note: This version is very early in development**

This build does not represent final gameplay/gfx/audio.

This build is just a development test build. Currently only a small section of the map is available. ANDROID:  Tested on MotoG3 2015 model. PC:  Should run on any pc with a gfx card. Built and tested on an Intel on board chip.  Any suggestions please contact. Please bare in mind only one developer on this project, Will respond as quick as I can.

// // // PC: // // //

v0.1:  Mobile - PC port release (Stable Version?)

// // // ANDROID: // // //

Race Demo Test:


Blood decal bug fixed


Fixed police aim target bug
Increased traffic/pedestrian amount
Increased texture resolution
Fixed pedestrian physics bug
Overall performance increase


Minor bug fix


Free Roam (Limited)
Race Mode (Limited)

**Note: Current Android version will be replaced with the PC version. Ported back down to Tablets and Mobile. Versions can change drastically at any time.





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